Dunford Diner Annex

The Dunford Diner Annex is attached to, and forms part of the larger Nord-Bridge dining room.  The Annex is generally closed-off with sliding glass doors from the Diner, but allows the space to be enlarged for major day-time events. These include Nord-Bridge’s weekly Monday Music Jam, which generally features 15 – 25 talented musicians who perform all types of music (generally Old Time Country and Gospel genre). This is one of the most popular open programs at the Centre. Attendance ranges from 100 to 125 spectators and participates each week.

The Annex is also the afternoon home to most of Nord-Bridge’s Card & Board Games programming.  Featured afternoon games played weekly include Cribbage, Hand/Foot, Euchre, Duplicate Bridge, Canasta, and the Whist games of Military Whist, Norwegian Whist, and Trump Whist.  Scrabble is also played on Tuesdays in the Dunford Diner on tables near the Annex, and the Annex is used on Tuesday mornings for the Nord-Bridge Music Makers choral and acoustic group.

Occasionally, larger health and community issues presentations are made in this room during morning hours.