Berlando Boardroom

The Berlando Board Room is named after the original president, and one of the founders of the Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre, the late Roy Berlando.  North Lethbridge community leader Berlando and his colleagues formed Nord-Bridge in 1978, and incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta in 1980.

The Berlando Board Room serves the meeting needs of the Nord-Bridge Executive, Board of Directors, Finance Committee, and other program advisory committees, as well as the Administration of the Centre. This Board Room is also available for booking by governance boards and committees of other non-profits housed within the Centre; and by community non-profit organizations and groups with purposes common to the objects of the Centre.

One of the predominate features in the Berlando Board Room is a display of former and the current President of the Society.


The Berlando Board Room comfortably seats 16 individuals. It is equipped with a TV monitor with hardwiring to accommodate laptop computers, and high speed access to the internet.

For information on renting this room and for more details, contact Administrative Support, Rita Paju at 403-329-3222.