Somatics with Melanie Hillaby

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Somatics with Melanie Hillaby


Somatics is a complement to any activity you participate in and helps improve your daily functional movements.  As you explore the movements of Somatics you are connecting the body and mind through movement and meditation. As we bring awareness to our bodies (Soma’s) we can then help relieve pain, recover from injury, reduce stress and maximize flexibility. These exercises do not just address the body’s movement gateways as we walk and breath, but how we carry our stress and tension that leads into chronic neck, shoulders, hips and low back pain.  We as individuals view ourselves from the inside looking out otherwise the distinction between mind and body disappears. “We are our own best healers”. Somatics is great for MS, Stroke recovery, chronic pain, migraines and much more. Note: This class requires participants to do mat work on the floor. The instructor is able to assist participants getting down / up from mats, but there are raised tables for participants to use as well.

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1904 – 13th Avenue North, Lethbridge

(403) 329-3222