Cards / Board Games

Cards & Board Games – Open to Members Only

Cribbage – Pat Veres,  Conveners

Cribbage is played with a regular 52-card deck, by two, three, or four players. The Crib program is played every Friday at 1:00 pm in the Dunford Diner Annex.

Euchre – Rodney Foster, Convener

Euchre is generally played by four persons, with a pack of 32 cards, consisting of nines through the aces.  The Euchre program runs Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. in the Dunford Diner Annex.


Contract Bridge – Hans & Louise Kochan, Convener

This program meets on Monday and Friday in the West Community Room at 1:00 pm.  Anyone wishing to learn the game or wanting to join in, please stop by.

Duplicate Bridge – Pat Kincade, Convener

This is a fun Duplicate Bridge Club at Nord-Bridge on Thursday afternoons at 1:00 pm in the Dunford Diner Annex.  In Duplicate Bridge, the same hands are played at each table and your score is based upon your performance against other players.  A player normally plays with the same partner for that day, but please come even if you don’t have a partner, and we will try to match you up with someone.  Players must be Nord-Bridge members.

Canasta – Norene Irwin, Convener
Canasta is a card game of the Rummy family.  Players attempt to make melds of seven cards of the same rank and “go out” by playing all cards in their hands.  Canasta is played in the Dining Room     Annex every Tuesday at 1:00 pm.

Cards: Whist Program

The classic game of whist is a plain-trick game without bidding, for four players in fixed partnerships.  Rules are simple, and there are various forms of whist.  Three varieties of whist are played at Nord-Bridge: Trump Whist, Military Whist and Norwegian Whist.

Military Whist – Donna Takeda, Convener

This program is played every Monday at 1:00 pm in the Dunford Diner Annex.

Trump Whist – Pat Veres, Conveners

This program is played every Thursday at 1:00 pm in the Dunford Diner Annex.

Texas Hold’em – Mike Bennett, Pino Zucchelli & Marilyn Maloff,  Conveners

The subject of many a disagreement in Westerns, was the game Texas Hold’em.  Fast forward to present day and minus the saloon / gun fights, Texas Hold’em has become the most popular poker game in North America.  Hold’em is a community card game where each player may use any combination of the five community cards and his/her own two hole cards to make a poker hand.  This is a fun and easy game to learn.  There is a small weekly fee to play the game.  Texas Hold’em is played every Tuesday at 1:00 pm in the West Community Room.

Scrabble – Sheila Brust, Convener

Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board.  The words are formed across and down in a crossword fashion.  Players meet on Tuesday at 1:30 pm in the Dunford Diner Annex.  If you are interested in participating, drop in any Tuesday.



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