Member Support Coordinator

Member Support Coordinator – Lorri Penner, BSW, RSW

The goal of this program is to assist Nord-Bridge Members in maintaining their quality of life, independence and providing support during times of crisis.  If you are struggling in any area of your life: stress, a loss, sadness, changes in your health, family concerns, or are considering moving, just  to name a few, please stop in to have a private and confidential conversation with Lorri Penner.  You do not have to deal with your concerns alone, help is available.  Often a conversation is enough to alleviate a worrisome situation you are facing.  Should a conversation not be enough, there are many programs and agencies that are able to provide specialized assistance and the Member Support Coordinator will help make these arrangements for you.  Drop in’s welcome or you can make an appointment.  See the schedule posted outside of Lorri’s office located opposite of the Reception Desk and across from the Dunford Diner.